Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Tale of a Squirrel

“Spring forward; fall back.” Ahhhh, yes, I have my fall back. I *love* the fall and could really have 2 autumn seasons a year. I love the days cooling off and the nights chilling up. The trees changing colors, the sound of crispy leaves under my feet, and the return to cold-weather meals.

The baby squirrel from
late summer litter.

And, of course, more walks with the boys.

I really like sharing the neat things we discover on our walks. On one such nature walk not long ago, we met up with a little woodland creature who was astoundingly not afraid of us.

Timmy takes a closer look.

The boys had wanted to go to the chestnut tree, of course. So while there, a tiny squirrel came down from the tree and was close enough for me to take some nice pictures.

It kept taking leaves
from Ryan's hand.

At first I wasn’t sure what to make of this, because this animal truly was not afraid of us at all, and even took things right from Ryan’s hands.

The boys wanted to keep him!

At home I had to learn more, of course, so I found out that squirrels in our area actually have two litters a year. One of which is in the late summer.

Holding a leaf with
his wee paws.

Which explains this tiny fellow being out on the cusp of autumn, frolicking with my boys. Just take a look at the pictures, and I hope you enjoy. J

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