Monday, October 17, 2011

Sock It To Me!

Socks…..I *love* them. I am always wearing socks, even in the summertime. It has to be tortuously hot for me to go about in my bare feet. I detest shoes though, simply because my toesies long to be free to wiggle about to their own beat, not to be confined like felons serving their sentence in the pen.

But socks…….oh, socks are one of the most delicious things created from cotton and polyester. They stretch to conform to the contours of your foot in a gentle way that is unrestricting.

My first sock photo ever.
B/c they matched my
nightgown. ;)

They cradle your feet in comfort, keep your feet warm, and come in as many colors as you wish. You can match them with your shirt, match your skirt, or just make a fashion statement. I usually choose Door #2, personally.

Loving socks the way I do, I was thrilled one night when we went out to Target looking for a few items, and I happened upon a whole section of socks on clearance. Now if there is one thing I love more than socks, it is clearance priced socks!

Ahhhh......they match
the blue butterflies! (squeals)

Oh, I was like a kid in a candy shop that night! It was a veritable feast of woven delight. I reached out and touched package after package, delighting in the soft feel, the textured looks, the different shades.

After oohing and ahhing for several minutes, I chose three packages for myself. There was a fourth I had wanted, lusted after, really, but I couldn’t justify buying myself four whole packages of socks, no matter how low the price.

Not sure why I took

So I placed them in Megan’s hands and said, “Megan, how would you like some new socks?” Oh, did she ever smile! Hey, if I can’t have the pleasure of buying those wonderful socks on clearance, at least I can enjoy them vicariously through someone else. We've gotta have our little thrills, don't we? ;)

When we got home that night, I put away my precious packages, opening one to take out a new pair and see how they felt.


Oh, if you could have seen me then…..I felt like I was experiencing a little slice of heaven right there on my feet. Soft, luxurious, pleasing to the eye with their textures and the earth tones I chose.

Of course, next came the camera and within seconds I was propping my feet up on a chair to photograph them for Facebook. Oh yes, I went there.

I figured, yeah it’s a little goofy, but then again, my friends just *know* this is typical of me. I mean, socks, cotton, clearance? And hey, you get to a certain age and you start to not care what others think. This is who I am. Especially when it comes to my love affair with socks!

Just so my sneaky sneaks
don't feel left out.....



  1. A post on socks - I think only you could pull this off! Love it! (I need some new socks - several pairs of mine have holes in the heels.)

  2. You may be right. My love for socks is only rivaled by my love for knives.....hehehe. ;)