Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Spidey Senses Tell Me......

What *is* that???
Today is a day, amongst all the seriousness and sadness of life, to talk about something lighthearted and silly for a few moments. You know, laughter is said to be the best medicine. In that case, I ought to be one of the healthiest persons on the planet. ;) Just ask my daughter Caitlin about The Night of the Powdered Sugar Donuts. Ahh, that was pure goofiness, but a story for another day. I am betting that most of you are looking at the picture above and wondering what on earth *is* that?? Uh, yeah, that’s what I thought too when I turned my head and saw it. But in my house, this kind of bizarre scene is quite normal. 
A Spiderman head toothbrush cover. Oh, okay. Mm-hmm.

Well, upon further inspection, using 11% of my investigatory skills gained through watching the illustrious Mark Harmon on NCIS, I mean, um, observing the science of the show, I discovered that someone had taken a Spiderman toothbrush cover and adhered it to the shower wall. Why? Well, that’s a question I ask myself at least 68 times a day in this house. So far the answers have eluded me. Guess I’m not that great at rooting out motives, lol. Now normally this would look like such an innocent incident; a Spidey head toothbrush cover stuck to the shower wall. But given the fact that Timotheus was most assuredly the one who did this, it means that he was standing in the shower, alone with all the showery things we keep there. Which means that the 2 bottles of shampoo and one tube of uber-expensive conditioner now empty are no longer a mystery. No one here was experiencing a bizarre case of Lardy Hair that could only be cured by using up 20 ounces of cheap Suave shampoo (no big deal) and an 8.5 oz. tube of my Bio-Fen herbal conditioner (very big deal which Very Special Agent Mommy will be dealing with very soon). 

I don't know where you keep *your* cooked noodles,
but we keep ours on the kitchen ceiling. ;)

So, now that we’ve established that things in my house are a little weird and my son likes to “explore“, there should be no wonder at what I found on the kitchen ceiling one day months back. Walking through the room, my attention was drawn upward and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but an alfredo noodle, stuck way up there. Not bad poetry on the spot, eh? ;) Me being the geek that I am, I decided to let go of my frustration at this bazillionth episode of Strange Timotheus Antics and immediately snapped a picture to post on Facebook. I offered it up as a contest of sorts; determine what it was and how it got there. I think a candy bar was the prize enticing friends to submit their best guesses. My friends Dena and Diana ended up tying for the answer. Gooberish, but I had fun with it, anyway. ;)

It was either do something goofy with that latest episode or lose what little sanity I have left. And let me tell you, there is not much right now. We’re talking bottom of the barrel, folks. Friends know that when I’m running on so few sanity cells, I do not dare lean over, for fear that even more will slip out my ears. Maybe I should invest in a good pair of earplugs. And remember to concentrate on finding the humor in it all. And to be lighthearted and silly. So if you see me giggling hysterically over something, and want to know what it is, just ask. Only be sure to speak rather loudly or use sign language. Because I’ll probably be playing it safe with my waning sanity supply, and wearing those earplugs. ;)

That's right, have a little more sugar, Timmy. hehehe

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