Thursday, September 8, 2011

Well Hi There........

Hey. Someone suggested I might try my hand at a blog, so here I am. Not sure just how frequent this will be (more like *can* be), but a few entries a week ought to do it. So anyway, let me introduce myself: Hi, I’m Valerie, and I still watch an occasional CSI DVD from Season 1. Oh, wait, that was my intro for the Former Billy Petersen Groupies. I’m not exactly in his camp that much anymore. I’m a *recovering* Billy groupie. Still love him in Kiss The Sky though, lol. And Fear. Then there was The Contender. Oh my. Perhaps I need to go back to a FBPG meeting.
Really, though, Mark Harmon has been more my speed for a long while. Yessirree bob, the Silver Fox has it all over Billy, especially with those blue eyes of his. That's me and Mark up there, lol. But…I digress. I’m a 40-something wife and mom in New England, where we have four seasons and recently had the displeasure of experiencing both a tornado and a hurricane. The former being rarer in these parts. My children are 23, 20, 11, and 7. Um, I know….the age gap. Don’t ask. I have no clue what was going through *my* head, especially with that last one. I mean, 7??? Come on, do the math; I’ll be, like, carrying an AARP card by the time he walks through the college halls of his choice. Gaa!
So….I do not work. Bwahahahahaha!!! I’m a SAHM; I am on call 24/7 and barely stop from the minute my eyelids do their first pull-up of the day until they finally tuck my eyeballs in around 3 or 4 the next morning. I’m not even kidding about that; and my boys wake up at the crack of whatever time it is I’ve finally entered the blissful state of REM sleep. Which is why even my eye sockets hurt right now, lol. Instead of me working, hahaha, we live rather frugally and I homeschool the kids. This is year 18 for us, and as long as I feel God calling us to it, I will plug on. It’s not for everyone, and I am a firm believer in educational choice, and that is all I’m saying about it right now.

Other than all that, not much more to say on this first page. I have a variety of interests, and some may find me strange, but I say don’t look then. I am who I am, and I gave up apologizing for it years ago. I love sewing and quilting, designing memory quilt wall hangings, piano, singing, writing, reading my favorite authors, taking goofy photos, NCIS, a variety of music, a bazillion things my tired brain cannot think of right now, and making people smile and maybe even laugh….

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