Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Science of Marriage

So, I am having a good cup of tea and reflecting on the weekend thus far. Hasn’t been so bad, though yesterday nothing went as I had planned, and I didn’t get done anything that I had hoped to accomplish. Big surprise there, huh? A husband, four kids, a house that could qualify for the cable show Hoarders, and a lunatic cat who makes mice pop out of the wall by staring at it. Just rippling waters, hehe.
That's right, Timmy, take that 5lb
bag of mints and jack your
sugar up! ;)

Usually when I’m working on my writing, I have the internet up also, so I can do things like check facts, make sure I’m spelling a word correctly, make sure I’m using an actual real word, for that matter, or something like find out the bizarre reproductive anatomy of a banana slug (you should go look that up; it‘s hysterical!). So it *is* possible that with all this going on, I just might get distracted now and again. And then, there is Timmy. Ahhhh, yes, Timotheus….I did indeed already say something about the kids, but Timmy deserves mentioning twice. At least. Because he was off the walls. And the appliances. Well okay, so technically he was *on* the appliances.
 But anyway, Friday night my husband Michael and I went out for dinner. We usually try to go out alone at least every other week, even though with my wild and crazy life I could use it every night that ends with the sun going down. This Friday night, however, was more than just the usual Save Our Sanity date night. We were celebrating our 23rd anniversary. Which is an amazing feat in itself! Hehehe. Just kidding, Michael! Michael? Aw come on, honey, it was just a joke! Michael?……alrighty then. I’ll, um, go find him and apologize later.

Could we get an NCIS fan in here? :)
So, before you start sending out the congrats, or a congratulatory check, hehehe, our anniversary was not Friday. It is actually this coming Tuesday, the 20th. Which happens to be the season 9 premiere of the TV show NCIS. My bestest most absolute favoritest show on the planet Earth. And a few others in this solar system and into the next galaxy. Could we get any more superlative? No we could not.

Mark Harmon is the star of the show. You know, THE Mark Harmon……the Silver Fox among popular male actors. Just turned 60 (on the 2nd of this month and yes I did celebrate it!), and summed to infinity on the hotness meter. Muy caliente! Wow, is it getting hot in here? Anyone else hot in here? :::fans self:::

But you know, I only watch the show for the science. Honest! How else would I have acquired my vast set of crime solving skills if I wasn’t paying attention to the criminal forensics of the show?? Hey, sometime I’ll show you the Lego Crime Scene I set up, photographed, and then analyzed. Now, seriously, do you think I could have figured out that the perp was some action figure made by FisherPrice if I didn’t take my eyes off of Mark once in a while to check out the detective work? Seriously. ;) At least, I know I do when the commercial break comes on.

The Silver Fox :)
 And anyone who knows me, knows that nothing could come between me and a new episode of NCIS. The season premiere, no less. No way, no how. Ain’t gonna happen. Wild horses could not drag me away. The show starts at eight; I will be in that chair at a quarter to. Nighttime routines will have been carried out, family will be fed, and the kids *will* be quiet if I have to slip them a valium. (*Just kidding! Stop dialing DSS and sit back down!)

My “date” with Mark, I mean NCIS, will not be preempted because my husband and I have reached the twenty-three year mark of blissful wedded matrimony. If Michael wants to *stay* in said blissful state of marital status, he knows that the best anniversary gift he can give his wife is that weekly golden hour of forensic pleasure with her bestest most absolute favoritest show. Do the celebratory dinner out another night. And that’s the science of an enduring marriage, folks. Marriage forensics. See? I *do* watch it for the science of the show! ;)

By the way, I had the baked stuffed lobster, with sautéed spinach, squash, and snow peas. ;)

He just laid right down and invited me to
gobble him all up!


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