Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Meggiebucks is Rich!!

Well, I was looking back at pictures from the past year and a half, and some that caught my eye are of my sweet firstborn, Megan. She is just such a delight. Megan was born with Down syndrome. I  had just turned 23 when I had her. Usually children with Down syndrome are born to older women, so it was pretty surprising, but not a tragedy. Like a perpetual four year old, Megan is just a light in this world who shines like an EverBright flashlight! She is happy and easygoing most of the time; carefree and joyful. She thinks of others and is eager to please. She loves making cards, pictures, and such for other people. And especially, Megan has a wonderful sense of humor!

Caitlin and Megan goofing on
each other. :)
 I love listening to Megan giggle. Everyone loves to hear her laugh. When she was about 3, she would jabber that nonsensical gibberish that pre-talkers are so good at, then look at us and do a full belly laugh at her own “joke.” Of course, it was so cute you couldn’t help but laugh along with her, which was the reward she sought. One of Megan’s most favorite people in the world is, of course, her sister Caitlin. Megan adores Caitlin, and will frequently do things spontaneously to make Caitlin laugh. One of her favorite pranks to pull is doing rabbit ears on Caitlin when I take their picture. Then she giggles.  

Megan and Pepper Kitty.
 One day the rest of us were relaxing in the living room watching a movie together, and in waltzed Megan holding Pepper Kitty with a mobcap on his head. What made it even funnier to us was the fact that she walked in so matter-of-factly with him like that, as if our cat always wears a mobcap at home. ;)

Megan has always shared a love of dollhouse people like I did as a child. Everyday she will spend time playing with hers, imagining out all sorts of situations. Besides sitting them on the piano while she “plays” it, she sets them up on the kitchen table for church, choir, meetings, acting out shows, etc. Her imagination is wonderfully developed and it is a delight to listen to her make her “people” interact so freely and innocently. I imagine she will always play with her dollhouse people, no matter how old she is.

                             After all, her mother is still playing around with them. ;)
(one of my photo set-ups using any joes I could find)
Jordan: Stop right there, R-Man! Seems you've got a screw loose.
Well we're packin'! Dave, double tap, on three! And don't forget to police your brass!
Dave: Figures he'd be hanging out in the hazardous chemicals section!

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