Sunday, September 25, 2011

Leggo My Lego!

The T & R Wrecking Crew being
constructive instead of destructive. ;)
Well, last night when I came into my bedroom after Timmy had gone to bed, I carried out my usual nightly routine: I walked in and stepped on a Lego, causing intense pain in my sock-clad foot. This is not really just my nighttime routine; it’s an every-time-I-walk-into-my-bedroom occurrence. Actually, it's a regular occurrence all throughout the house. Ryan and Timmy have a bazillion Legos, and they are everywhere. Our house looks like there was a polymer explosion here. I’m wondering if one of them built a Lego bomb with Lego C-4 and detonated it with a Lego trigger. Most likely the budding Freezer Scientist, Timotheus. I think we’ve already established that he’s quite inquisitive, and creative; and with assorted items hanging around the house….anything’s within the realm of possibility.

Me: What is it?
Timmy: Um, I don't know. :)
Legos have been named as one of the most painful things to step on with bare (or stocking) feet by almost everyone with children, right up there with Barbie doll high heels, according to my friend Diana. Of course, I wouldn’t know much about the Barbie shoes, being that Ryan and Timmy are boys, and boy oh boy are they *all* boy! No “nineties kind of guy” inside these little men. Nature vs. nurture? No debate here. They will trip over themselves scrambling past the dolls, dollhouses, and typical girly toys to get to the cars, trucks, and footballs. Well, Timmy wouldn’t trip; he’d be going too fast to even touch the ground, seeing as he travels at the speed of light naturally.

Come to think of it, my boys might actually stop and pick up a doll. But that would only be to rip its clothing off and laugh uproariously that there is a naked doll in the house (never mind the fact that *they* made it naked!). Or to try and twist its head around, Linda Blair fashion, or rip it’s legs off. I mean, there was the incident back a few years ago when the boys secretly abducted Megan’s American Girl doll Molly, who she called Emily, and somehow made her a double amputee. Poor Molly, I mean Emily…..God rest her dolly soul. So, yes, I guess they just might “play” with a girl’s toy. It would just be in a Toy Story's Sid Phillips’ kind of way. ;)

Timmy made a stretch limousine.
Emphasis on stretch, hehe. ;)
But back to the Legos…..I honestly don’t mind that they are all over the place here. One thing I have always enjoyed encouraging in my children is developing and expressing their creativity. Remind me of this statement the next time I find sweet and sour sauce on the bedroom ceiling, or open the freezer to find an assortment of liquids in miniature ceramic mugs from the “gumball” machines outside the grocery store. Wait, scratch that; I’m not sure I can handle having my words thrown back in my face! Ha ha

Ryan working on a hotel.
Seriously, though, I love seeing them spend time playing with Legos, whether building something from the directions, or even better--freestyle building; creating whatever it is they see in their heads. As an educator, I see children utilizing concepts in math, science, and critical thinking, and incorporating art, reading comprehension, language, and social skills every time they play with these toys. As a mom, I see my sons building their relationship as brothers, by sharing, cooperating, and helping each other out with their creations when one is having trouble making it work out.

It truly is a magical thing to see Ryan and Timmy play for a solid hour or more with their Legos. And the way those things are everywhere here, they could basically just walk into any room in the house, sit down, and build something just with the Legos within their reach. I know this is possible…ouch! Because at least every 3.5 seconds….ouch! I step on a Lego in my house! Ouch! That last one really hurt!
I wasn't kidding when I said
these things are everywhere!


  1. I remember those lego everywhere days. Sergio used to get so mad and I used to either vacuum them up or sweep them down the heater ducts all the time! Lost too many to count. But the kids all loved those things!

  2. Ya know what KILLS? My Dog's twirly rawhide thingy. And she manages to leave it in the middle of the floor all the time. The. Worst.

  3. At least it's not soft, warm dog poop. Ahh, childhood memories.... ;)