Friday, September 23, 2011

Energy Crisis in America?

Timotheus watching a Justice League video.
This is how all the superheroes relax, isn't it?
 So, we’ve been sick here, and I have not even been online much, hence no new posts here. If I ever thought it was just ducky to have sickness hit our home and take weeks to move through the whole family, let me say it’s just duckier to have it hit everyone at the same time. Can you feel a little sarcasm here? Good, because it was intentional. All six of us woke up a few days ago with a cold, and it ain’t pretty. Pretty gross is what it is, when you see someone’s sneeze come flying across the table at you. Hoo boy, the Justice League’s Flash wouldn’t be quick enough to yank a tissue from the box and shove it under a 7 year old’s nose, the way this kid is sneezing. Even with his buddy, the Green Lantern, lighting the way. It’s a regular ka-chooing and coughing cacophony here.

He's just so lethargic. ;)
The 3 "littles" are drowning in Green Rivers. Hasn't seemed to have slowed down the Freezer Scientist any. He’s still moving at the same speed. Warp, light, hyper, take your pick. I'm beginning to wonder if he's even capable of moving at anything less than sprint. And then he came to me about 20 minutes ago and said he had a headache. Well what did he expect? What’s the g-force of him hurtling himself about the air space in our home like the Formula Rossa at Ferrari World?? Although, the velocity of a roller coaster accelerating towards the ground like an aircraft carrier steam launch tends to pin bodies to their seats, so you’d think Timotheus would be pinned immobile to something. Anything! Please! I swear he’s attached to an invisible trebuchet with a bungee cord here.

Notice the cast on Timmy's leg.
This is what sitting looks like
to a child with ADHD.
In case you haven’t guessed, Timmy has ADHD. With capital letters. Bold font. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure his ADHD is Rockwell Extra Bold font. Go look that one up and you’ll see what I mean. Or just take a peek in our house. Just make sure you’re wearing goggles, and bracing yourself, or he’ll spin you like a top as his tailwind rushes by you. Think the Tasmanian devil on steroids. And then multiply that by three.

Some days I wonder if I’m going to make it. Raising him, I mean. I’m 46 years old and he’s seven. My years are many more than his, but this is not a matter of age, really, because I know mothers older than me with children younger than mine. It’s a matter of his energy supply outweighing mine. His appears to outweigh Energy USA, even. He seems to have a couple extra tanks hanging out in another parallel universe that he somehow still has access to, while mine is about the size of the pituitary gland these days. I can pump vitamins in me by IV all day long and it still wouldn’t help me keep up with this kid. I need to find a way to siphon some of his energy into me.

Oh, the possibilities...... :)
Speaking of which, I have enough supplies here in this house that I probably could rig up some sort of contraption: tubing from an old fish aquarium, my husband’s insulin needles, quart sized Ziploc bags……hey, I have the alcohol swabs even. Got to keep things sanitary, after all. I just might be able to configure an IV, using the motor and pump from the nebulizer……

If you're thinking there's no way all these items might add up to a working IV in my hot little hands, just go ask my mother about the time I invented a film projector when I was a kid. Flashlight, mirror, plastic wrap, etc. A few ordinary items in the hands of someone with my's a dangerous thing. And my desperation just might outweigh his seemingly boundless energy. ;)

Ah, Timmy.....I think he was trying to
play a trick on his eyeballs.

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