Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Cat Whisperer

Ryan and his kitten Bandit.
Well, our family has acquired a new member, as of two days ago. His name is Bandit, and he is a tiny 8 week old kitten. Officially, Bandit is Ryan’s cat, but the whole family is enjoying this new little addition.

No other children in our family have ever had their “own” cat, but when the girls were growing up, we honestly never thought about it much. We just usually had one or two cats and they basically belonged to the family as a whole.
Ryan with my Pepper Kitty.

The reason my Pepper Kitty belongs to me is because we had lost a cat I loved dearly years before, and when I was finally ready to love another furry baby, it was nearing my birthday and Christmas of 2008. So I asked for a kitten as my present. And what a present he turned out to be; like an entertainment system in a feline body!

A neighbor cat, Cato.

But back to Ryan and his kitten Bandit….Ryan loves animals, but especially cats. I have a huge book called The Ultimate Guide to Cat Breeds, and he has always loved to look through it and show me each and every cat in it. Pepper Kitty even likes to look through this book, see some of his brothers from back in the ‘hood.
Pepper likes to read a good book. ;)

He loves to help take care of Pepper Kitty’s food, play with him, and we felt this was a good idea to give him some responsibility that was totally his own. We had been thinking of getting a second cat for a while, anyway, so when Ryan asked again, it seemed to fit together well.

And Ryan has always been a cat magnet. I don’t know why, but they have always been drawn to him. He has a way with them that can only be understood by a cat. And the cats aren’t talking. They’re just running to him so he can love on them in that winning way he has.

On the fort with another neighbor cat.

It really is amazing how neighbor cats will just go up to him and plop right down with him as if he is their boy. And I have no idea what he’s saying to them as he pets them and scritches their tummies. It’s too low for me to hear. Hmmm, maybe it’s true. Maybe Ryan really is…….the Cat Whisperer. J

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