Friday, September 9, 2011

Aw, Nuts!

So, today the boys and I decided to go for a walk and talk about nature on the way. This has always been one of my favorite things to do with my children; explore the beauty around us. So many days we can just go through our lives at full speed, letting the beauty and humor of so much of it just slip through our fingers. If we take the time to listen to them, talk with them, explore together….see things through their eyes, soon we are filled with that same sense of excitement and wonder. It really does make a difference in our attitude.

Some of the booty: green pignolias and brown chestnuts. :)

Ryan and Timothy declared right off that they wished to go to the chestnut tree “where the big orange house is.” So I pointed it out about a quarter of a mile away, and continued telling them to be aware of the poison ivy lining the road. And for Timotheus to stop jumping out into the street. And to stop walking on lawns. And for him to not touch that teeny little nip bottle. And so it went until we got to the chestnut tree and they began scrounging around for the goods, rooting like pigs after truffles. After digging through  leaves and finding several nuts still in their spiny brown hulls, we crossed the street and headed back home. Ryan wasn’t fond of how picky the chestnut hulls are, so he asked me to hold them for him. As he dumped them into my hand and I felt pinprick stings on my palms, I was thinking, Um, yeah, you don’t want to feel that but it’s okay for *Mom* to feel it, lol. Ahhh, chivalry, where are you? ;)
Timmy started stuffing his socks with pignolia nuts! lol

I had told the boys about the pignolia trees that are on the street; one was close to where we were and the other was back where we had started out. They found a few in the brush at the side of the road, but the Noxious Weed kept them at bay like it was guarding all the treasures in heaven. But another pignolia tree near it was on open lawn, and the boys discovered a veritable feast of nuts there. These kids were like monkeys on a cupcake! They were scrambling around grabbing nuts and stuffing them into pockets as fast as they could. The only thing missing from the scene was the sounds of grunts, snorts, and chewing like at a Bacchanalian feast! Lol Knowing Timotheus, he would have tried to eat one to see what it was like. Oh who am I kidding; he probably already has. He is well known for the strange things he tries to do. :::everyone who knows him is snickering right now::: Science, I say; science. See? It’s all in how you look at it. ;)

Timotheus wanted to try opening a pignolia....with my garlic press! ;)

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