Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Cat Whisperer

Ryan and his kitten Bandit.
Well, our family has acquired a new member, as of two days ago. His name is Bandit, and he is a tiny 8 week old kitten. Officially, Bandit is Ryan’s cat, but the whole family is enjoying this new little addition.

No other children in our family have ever had their “own” cat, but when the girls were growing up, we honestly never thought about it much. We just usually had one or two cats and they basically belonged to the family as a whole.
Ryan with my Pepper Kitty.

The reason my Pepper Kitty belongs to me is because we had lost a cat I loved dearly years before, and when I was finally ready to love another furry baby, it was nearing my birthday and Christmas of 2008. So I asked for a kitten as my present. And what a present he turned out to be; like an entertainment system in a feline body!

A neighbor cat, Cato.

But back to Ryan and his kitten Bandit….Ryan loves animals, but especially cats. I have a huge book called The Ultimate Guide to Cat Breeds, and he has always loved to look through it and show me each and every cat in it. Pepper Kitty even likes to look through this book, see some of his brothers from back in the ‘hood.
Pepper likes to read a good book. ;)

He loves to help take care of Pepper Kitty’s food, play with him, and we felt this was a good idea to give him some responsibility that was totally his own. We had been thinking of getting a second cat for a while, anyway, so when Ryan asked again, it seemed to fit together well.

And Ryan has always been a cat magnet. I don’t know why, but they have always been drawn to him. He has a way with them that can only be understood by a cat. And the cats aren’t talking. They’re just running to him so he can love on them in that winning way he has.

On the fort with another neighbor cat.

It really is amazing how neighbor cats will just go up to him and plop right down with him as if he is their boy. And I have no idea what he’s saying to them as he pets them and scritches their tummies. It’s too low for me to hear. Hmmm, maybe it’s true. Maybe Ryan really is…….the Cat Whisperer. J

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Leggo My Lego!

The T & R Wrecking Crew being
constructive instead of destructive. ;)
Well, last night when I came into my bedroom after Timmy had gone to bed, I carried out my usual nightly routine: I walked in and stepped on a Lego, causing intense pain in my sock-clad foot. This is not really just my nighttime routine; it’s an every-time-I-walk-into-my-bedroom occurrence. Actually, it's a regular occurrence all throughout the house. Ryan and Timmy have a bazillion Legos, and they are everywhere. Our house looks like there was a polymer explosion here. I’m wondering if one of them built a Lego bomb with Lego C-4 and detonated it with a Lego trigger. Most likely the budding Freezer Scientist, Timotheus. I think we’ve already established that he’s quite inquisitive, and creative; and with assorted items hanging around the house….anything’s within the realm of possibility.

Me: What is it?
Timmy: Um, I don't know. :)
Legos have been named as one of the most painful things to step on with bare (or stocking) feet by almost everyone with children, right up there with Barbie doll high heels, according to my friend Diana. Of course, I wouldn’t know much about the Barbie shoes, being that Ryan and Timmy are boys, and boy oh boy are they *all* boy! No “nineties kind of guy” inside these little men. Nature vs. nurture? No debate here. They will trip over themselves scrambling past the dolls, dollhouses, and typical girly toys to get to the cars, trucks, and footballs. Well, Timmy wouldn’t trip; he’d be going too fast to even touch the ground, seeing as he travels at the speed of light naturally.

Come to think of it, my boys might actually stop and pick up a doll. But that would only be to rip its clothing off and laugh uproariously that there is a naked doll in the house (never mind the fact that *they* made it naked!). Or to try and twist its head around, Linda Blair fashion, or rip it’s legs off. I mean, there was the incident back a few years ago when the boys secretly abducted Megan’s American Girl doll Molly, who she called Emily, and somehow made her a double amputee. Poor Molly, I mean Emily…..God rest her dolly soul. So, yes, I guess they just might “play” with a girl’s toy. It would just be in a Toy Story's Sid Phillips’ kind of way. ;)

Timmy made a stretch limousine.
Emphasis on stretch, hehe. ;)
But back to the Legos…..I honestly don’t mind that they are all over the place here. One thing I have always enjoyed encouraging in my children is developing and expressing their creativity. Remind me of this statement the next time I find sweet and sour sauce on the bedroom ceiling, or open the freezer to find an assortment of liquids in miniature ceramic mugs from the “gumball” machines outside the grocery store. Wait, scratch that; I’m not sure I can handle having my words thrown back in my face! Ha ha

Ryan working on a hotel.
Seriously, though, I love seeing them spend time playing with Legos, whether building something from the directions, or even better--freestyle building; creating whatever it is they see in their heads. As an educator, I see children utilizing concepts in math, science, and critical thinking, and incorporating art, reading comprehension, language, and social skills every time they play with these toys. As a mom, I see my sons building their relationship as brothers, by sharing, cooperating, and helping each other out with their creations when one is having trouble making it work out.

It truly is a magical thing to see Ryan and Timmy play for a solid hour or more with their Legos. And the way those things are everywhere here, they could basically just walk into any room in the house, sit down, and build something just with the Legos within their reach. I know this is possible…ouch! Because at least every 3.5 seconds….ouch! I step on a Lego in my house! Ouch! That last one really hurt!
I wasn't kidding when I said
these things are everywhere!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Energy Crisis in America?

Timotheus watching a Justice League video.
This is how all the superheroes relax, isn't it?
 So, we’ve been sick here, and I have not even been online much, hence no new posts here. If I ever thought it was just ducky to have sickness hit our home and take weeks to move through the whole family, let me say it’s just duckier to have it hit everyone at the same time. Can you feel a little sarcasm here? Good, because it was intentional. All six of us woke up a few days ago with a cold, and it ain’t pretty. Pretty gross is what it is, when you see someone’s sneeze come flying across the table at you. Hoo boy, the Justice League’s Flash wouldn’t be quick enough to yank a tissue from the box and shove it under a 7 year old’s nose, the way this kid is sneezing. Even with his buddy, the Green Lantern, lighting the way. It’s a regular ka-chooing and coughing cacophony here.

He's just so lethargic. ;)
The 3 "littles" are drowning in Green Rivers. Hasn't seemed to have slowed down the Freezer Scientist any. He’s still moving at the same speed. Warp, light, hyper, take your pick. I'm beginning to wonder if he's even capable of moving at anything less than sprint. And then he came to me about 20 minutes ago and said he had a headache. Well what did he expect? What’s the g-force of him hurtling himself about the air space in our home like the Formula Rossa at Ferrari World?? Although, the velocity of a roller coaster accelerating towards the ground like an aircraft carrier steam launch tends to pin bodies to their seats, so you’d think Timotheus would be pinned immobile to something. Anything! Please! I swear he’s attached to an invisible trebuchet with a bungee cord here.

Notice the cast on Timmy's leg.
This is what sitting looks like
to a child with ADHD.
In case you haven’t guessed, Timmy has ADHD. With capital letters. Bold font. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure his ADHD is Rockwell Extra Bold font. Go look that one up and you’ll see what I mean. Or just take a peek in our house. Just make sure you’re wearing goggles, and bracing yourself, or he’ll spin you like a top as his tailwind rushes by you. Think the Tasmanian devil on steroids. And then multiply that by three.

Some days I wonder if I’m going to make it. Raising him, I mean. I’m 46 years old and he’s seven. My years are many more than his, but this is not a matter of age, really, because I know mothers older than me with children younger than mine. It’s a matter of his energy supply outweighing mine. His appears to outweigh Energy USA, even. He seems to have a couple extra tanks hanging out in another parallel universe that he somehow still has access to, while mine is about the size of the pituitary gland these days. I can pump vitamins in me by IV all day long and it still wouldn’t help me keep up with this kid. I need to find a way to siphon some of his energy into me.

Oh, the possibilities...... :)
Speaking of which, I have enough supplies here in this house that I probably could rig up some sort of contraption: tubing from an old fish aquarium, my husband’s insulin needles, quart sized Ziploc bags……hey, I have the alcohol swabs even. Got to keep things sanitary, after all. I just might be able to configure an IV, using the motor and pump from the nebulizer……

If you're thinking there's no way all these items might add up to a working IV in my hot little hands, just go ask my mother about the time I invented a film projector when I was a kid. Flashlight, mirror, plastic wrap, etc. A few ordinary items in the hands of someone with my imagination.......it's a dangerous thing. And my desperation just might outweigh his seemingly boundless energy. ;)

Ah, Timmy.....I think he was trying to
play a trick on his eyeballs.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Science of Marriage

So, I am having a good cup of tea and reflecting on the weekend thus far. Hasn’t been so bad, though yesterday nothing went as I had planned, and I didn’t get done anything that I had hoped to accomplish. Big surprise there, huh? A husband, four kids, a house that could qualify for the cable show Hoarders, and a lunatic cat who makes mice pop out of the wall by staring at it. Just rippling waters, hehe.
That's right, Timmy, take that 5lb
bag of mints and jack your
sugar up! ;)

Usually when I’m working on my writing, I have the internet up also, so I can do things like check facts, make sure I’m spelling a word correctly, make sure I’m using an actual real word, for that matter, or something like find out the bizarre reproductive anatomy of a banana slug (you should go look that up; it‘s hysterical!). So it *is* possible that with all this going on, I just might get distracted now and again. And then, there is Timmy. Ahhhh, yes, Timotheus….I did indeed already say something about the kids, but Timmy deserves mentioning twice. At least. Because he was off the walls. And the appliances. Well okay, so technically he was *on* the appliances.
 But anyway, Friday night my husband Michael and I went out for dinner. We usually try to go out alone at least every other week, even though with my wild and crazy life I could use it every night that ends with the sun going down. This Friday night, however, was more than just the usual Save Our Sanity date night. We were celebrating our 23rd anniversary. Which is an amazing feat in itself! Hehehe. Just kidding, Michael! Michael? Aw come on, honey, it was just a joke! Michael?……alrighty then. I’ll, um, go find him and apologize later.

Could we get an NCIS fan in here? :)
So, before you start sending out the congrats, or a congratulatory check, hehehe, our anniversary was not Friday. It is actually this coming Tuesday, the 20th. Which happens to be the season 9 premiere of the TV show NCIS. My bestest most absolute favoritest show on the planet Earth. And a few others in this solar system and into the next galaxy. Could we get any more superlative? No we could not.

Mark Harmon is the star of the show. You know, THE Mark Harmon……the Silver Fox among popular male actors. Just turned 60 (on the 2nd of this month and yes I did celebrate it!), and summed to infinity on the hotness meter. Muy caliente! Wow, is it getting hot in here? Anyone else hot in here? :::fans self:::

But you know, I only watch the show for the science. Honest! How else would I have acquired my vast set of crime solving skills if I wasn’t paying attention to the criminal forensics of the show?? Hey, sometime I’ll show you the Lego Crime Scene I set up, photographed, and then analyzed. Now, seriously, do you think I could have figured out that the perp was some action figure made by FisherPrice if I didn’t take my eyes off of Mark once in a while to check out the detective work? Seriously. ;) At least, I know I do when the commercial break comes on.

The Silver Fox :)
 And anyone who knows me, knows that nothing could come between me and a new episode of NCIS. The season premiere, no less. No way, no how. Ain’t gonna happen. Wild horses could not drag me away. The show starts at eight; I will be in that chair at a quarter to. Nighttime routines will have been carried out, family will be fed, and the kids *will* be quiet if I have to slip them a valium. (*Just kidding! Stop dialing DSS and sit back down!)

My “date” with Mark, I mean NCIS, will not be preempted because my husband and I have reached the twenty-three year mark of blissful wedded matrimony. If Michael wants to *stay* in said blissful state of marital status, he knows that the best anniversary gift he can give his wife is that weekly golden hour of forensic pleasure with her bestest most absolute favoritest show. Do the celebratory dinner out another night. And that’s the science of an enduring marriage, folks. Marriage forensics. See? I *do* watch it for the science of the show! ;)

By the way, I had the baked stuffed lobster, with sautéed spinach, squash, and snow peas. ;)

He just laid right down and invited me to
gobble him all up!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Always Listen to the Voices

*Today I let my imagination loose. That was dangerous. Remind me to keep it on a leash from now on. ;)

This morning I got up and went into the bathroom as per my usual routine. Emptied the old bladder, readying it for a refill, washed my hands, and brushed my teeth. And that’s where my usual routine went awry. Was not usual or routine. For as I pulled on the hand towel a little more to wipe my fingers again, I was surprised by a spider. A Daddy Longlegs, to be exact.

I mindlessly said, “Well, well, what are you doing here with the hand towel? Good thing I saw you!“ And surprised is what I was once more. He answered me.

Spider: I’m just hanging out. The question to be asked is why are *you* yanking on the hand towel.

Me: Hmmm….talking spider. Yuh….okay. I wasn’t *yanking* on the hand towel, I was trying to use it.

Spider: You yanked. I almost fell off. I’m not a cat; I have 8 *legs*, not 8 lives.

Me: Cats have 9 lives, not eight.

Spider: :::snorts::: Rub it in that I’m even more disadvantaged.

Me: Um, it’s lives they have 9 of, not…… oh never mind. So….Spider, you hang out here often?

Spider: A pickup line? You meet up with a talking spider and the best you can do is a pickup line? :::mumbles::: Not the most brilliant bulb in the package, is she?

Me: What was that? It’s “brightest!” The expression is “not the brightest bulb in the pack.”

Spider: Oooooo, aren’t we the BRIGHT one now? ::: lifts corner of upper lip:::

Me: Great. Of all the spiders to meet up with, I get the snarky mouthy one. So what would you want to tell me, then?

Spider: I met someone here last night. When I was hanging. Out. Julia.

Me: Julia? You met another spider and she had a name?

Spider: Yeah. Julia. She was at another hangout on the other towel rack across from me. I spied ‘er with my little eye.

Me: Oh geez. You’re worse than that wheel of cheese in the TV commercial.

Spider: So now my jokes are cheesy?

Me: Um, this is getting weird.

Spider: Hey. It’s *your* head you’re hearing voices in. I was just hanging out here when you started yanking on the hand towel.

Me: I DIDN’T yank! I…..oh never mind. :::walks off to get an aspirin and a cold compress for head:::

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Meggiebucks is Rich!!

Well, I was looking back at pictures from the past year and a half, and some that caught my eye are of my sweet firstborn, Megan. She is just such a delight. Megan was born with Down syndrome. I  had just turned 23 when I had her. Usually children with Down syndrome are born to older women, so it was pretty surprising, but not a tragedy. Like a perpetual four year old, Megan is just a light in this world who shines like an EverBright flashlight! She is happy and easygoing most of the time; carefree and joyful. She thinks of others and is eager to please. She loves making cards, pictures, and such for other people. And especially, Megan has a wonderful sense of humor!

Caitlin and Megan goofing on
each other. :)
 I love listening to Megan giggle. Everyone loves to hear her laugh. When she was about 3, she would jabber that nonsensical gibberish that pre-talkers are so good at, then look at us and do a full belly laugh at her own “joke.” Of course, it was so cute you couldn’t help but laugh along with her, which was the reward she sought. One of Megan’s most favorite people in the world is, of course, her sister Caitlin. Megan adores Caitlin, and will frequently do things spontaneously to make Caitlin laugh. One of her favorite pranks to pull is doing rabbit ears on Caitlin when I take their picture. Then she giggles.  

Megan and Pepper Kitty.
 One day the rest of us were relaxing in the living room watching a movie together, and in waltzed Megan holding Pepper Kitty with a mobcap on his head. What made it even funnier to us was the fact that she walked in so matter-of-factly with him like that, as if our cat always wears a mobcap at home. ;)

Megan has always shared a love of dollhouse people like I did as a child. Everyday she will spend time playing with hers, imagining out all sorts of situations. Besides sitting them on the piano while she “plays” it, she sets them up on the kitchen table for church, choir, meetings, acting out shows, etc. Her imagination is wonderfully developed and it is a delight to listen to her make her “people” interact so freely and innocently. I imagine she will always play with her dollhouse people, no matter how old she is.

                             After all, her mother is still playing around with them. ;)
(one of my photo set-ups using any joes I could find)
Jordan: Stop right there, R-Man! Seems you've got a screw loose.
Well we're packin'! Dave, double tap, on three! And don't forget to police your brass!
Dave: Figures he'd be hanging out in the hazardous chemicals section!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Spidey Senses Tell Me......

What *is* that???
Today is a day, amongst all the seriousness and sadness of life, to talk about something lighthearted and silly for a few moments. You know, laughter is said to be the best medicine. In that case, I ought to be one of the healthiest persons on the planet. ;) Just ask my daughter Caitlin about The Night of the Powdered Sugar Donuts. Ahh, that was pure goofiness, but a story for another day. I am betting that most of you are looking at the picture above and wondering what on earth *is* that?? Uh, yeah, that’s what I thought too when I turned my head and saw it. But in my house, this kind of bizarre scene is quite normal. 
A Spiderman head toothbrush cover. Oh, okay. Mm-hmm.

Well, upon further inspection, using 11% of my investigatory skills gained through watching the illustrious Mark Harmon on NCIS, I mean, um, observing the science of the show, I discovered that someone had taken a Spiderman toothbrush cover and adhered it to the shower wall. Why? Well, that’s a question I ask myself at least 68 times a day in this house. So far the answers have eluded me. Guess I’m not that great at rooting out motives, lol. Now normally this would look like such an innocent incident; a Spidey head toothbrush cover stuck to the shower wall. But given the fact that Timotheus was most assuredly the one who did this, it means that he was standing in the shower, alone with all the showery things we keep there. Which means that the 2 bottles of shampoo and one tube of uber-expensive conditioner now empty are no longer a mystery. No one here was experiencing a bizarre case of Lardy Hair that could only be cured by using up 20 ounces of cheap Suave shampoo (no big deal) and an 8.5 oz. tube of my Bio-Fen herbal conditioner (very big deal which Very Special Agent Mommy will be dealing with very soon). 

I don't know where you keep *your* cooked noodles,
but we keep ours on the kitchen ceiling. ;)

So, now that we’ve established that things in my house are a little weird and my son likes to “explore“, there should be no wonder at what I found on the kitchen ceiling one day months back. Walking through the room, my attention was drawn upward and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but an alfredo noodle, stuck way up there. Not bad poetry on the spot, eh? ;) Me being the geek that I am, I decided to let go of my frustration at this bazillionth episode of Strange Timotheus Antics and immediately snapped a picture to post on Facebook. I offered it up as a contest of sorts; determine what it was and how it got there. I think a candy bar was the prize enticing friends to submit their best guesses. My friends Dena and Diana ended up tying for the answer. Gooberish, but I had fun with it, anyway. ;)

It was either do something goofy with that latest episode or lose what little sanity I have left. And let me tell you, there is not much right now. We’re talking bottom of the barrel, folks. Friends know that when I’m running on so few sanity cells, I do not dare lean over, for fear that even more will slip out my ears. Maybe I should invest in a good pair of earplugs. And remember to concentrate on finding the humor in it all. And to be lighthearted and silly. So if you see me giggling hysterically over something, and want to know what it is, just ask. Only be sure to speak rather loudly or use sign language. Because I’ll probably be playing it safe with my waning sanity supply, and wearing those earplugs. ;)

That's right, have a little more sugar, Timmy. hehehe

Friday, September 9, 2011

Aw, Nuts!

So, today the boys and I decided to go for a walk and talk about nature on the way. This has always been one of my favorite things to do with my children; explore the beauty around us. So many days we can just go through our lives at full speed, letting the beauty and humor of so much of it just slip through our fingers. If we take the time to listen to them, talk with them, explore together….see things through their eyes, soon we are filled with that same sense of excitement and wonder. It really does make a difference in our attitude.

Some of the booty: green pignolias and brown chestnuts. :)

Ryan and Timothy declared right off that they wished to go to the chestnut tree “where the big orange house is.” So I pointed it out about a quarter of a mile away, and continued telling them to be aware of the poison ivy lining the road. And for Timotheus to stop jumping out into the street. And to stop walking on lawns. And for him to not touch that teeny little nip bottle. And so it went until we got to the chestnut tree and they began scrounging around for the goods, rooting like pigs after truffles. After digging through  leaves and finding several nuts still in their spiny brown hulls, we crossed the street and headed back home. Ryan wasn’t fond of how picky the chestnut hulls are, so he asked me to hold them for him. As he dumped them into my hand and I felt pinprick stings on my palms, I was thinking, Um, yeah, you don’t want to feel that but it’s okay for *Mom* to feel it, lol. Ahhh, chivalry, where are you? ;)
Timmy started stuffing his socks with pignolia nuts! lol

I had told the boys about the pignolia trees that are on the street; one was close to where we were and the other was back where we had started out. They found a few in the brush at the side of the road, but the Noxious Weed kept them at bay like it was guarding all the treasures in heaven. But another pignolia tree near it was on open lawn, and the boys discovered a veritable feast of nuts there. These kids were like monkeys on a cupcake! They were scrambling around grabbing nuts and stuffing them into pockets as fast as they could. The only thing missing from the scene was the sounds of grunts, snorts, and chewing like at a Bacchanalian feast! Lol Knowing Timotheus, he would have tried to eat one to see what it was like. Oh who am I kidding; he probably already has. He is well known for the strange things he tries to do. :::everyone who knows him is snickering right now::: Science, I say; science. See? It’s all in how you look at it. ;)

Timotheus wanted to try opening a pignolia....with my garlic press! Um....no. ;)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Of Knives and Men

So, this is for all the happily married men out there. If you would like to *stay* happily married, I’m going to give you boys a little tip: do not use the salad shooter and then leave it without rinsing. Just sayin’. Because after sitting out all night, all those little pieces of salad ingredients or cabbage and carrots for coleslaw, will be stuck to the shooter parts like I would be to Mark Harmon if he ever showed up on my doorstep. And no crowbar made on God’s green earth will pry those things off. Your wife may as well just throw the parts back in the salad shooter box and start telling people you chose the “party speckles on white” color choice when you bought it. Only saving grace with that is: forever afterwards, nothing else that adheres to it will be noticeable. Kind of like those speckled floors they have in all the schools, to hide the dirt better. ;)

Just so you know the reasoning behind this blog post is not solely to save the sanity of your wife, save the preciousness of your marital bliss, save your kids from spending the next decade of their lives toggling between two households……..it is also to save your skin, boys. Because if your wife is anything like me, she is one strange woman! Lol Ahhhh, just kidding. Seriously, though, I have a bit of an affinity for knives. Don’t ask me why, because I have no idea. Been that way ever since I was a cook in a restaurant as a teen. The chef started teaching me how to slice, dice, chop, mince, and julienne, and I was hooked. I have a relationship to my knives like Tim “The Toolman” Taylor has to his tools: I thrill to hold them in my hot little hands and all I’m thinking as I use them is: more power! Here is a picture of some of the knives in my armory, I mean repertoire:

That butcher’s knife is sweet (2nd from left). Take a moment and think of *why* it’s called a butcher’s knife: because it butchers. Just keep that in mind, my dear fellows. ;) Nice chef’s knives, eh? Check out that Ginsu 2000 all the way over on the right. It can reportedly cut up soda cans. Haven’t tried it myself; too busy putting it through the bones of my victims, I mean, um, ham shoulders. It does the job, believe you me. And don’t let that bread knife on the left fool you into a false sense of tranquility; that bad boy has a serrated edge and is sharp enough to slice through the axel of a Ford F-150. I have the pieces to prove…..oh, um, never mind. We won’t venture there. ;)

At any rate, this is a “just because I really do like men” tip for you out there who may have erroneously assumed that it is no big deal to leave the parts to a salad shooter, or any kitchen appliance, for that matter, with food particles embedded in its very polymer molecules. It’s not okay. If you have any love for your wife at all and care about the longevity of your Holy matrimony, Batman!-- you will cease and desist said errant behavior. You are all free to carry on with your day now. J

Well Hi There........

Hey. Someone suggested I might try my hand at a blog, so here I am. Not sure just how frequent this will be (more like *can* be), but a few entries a week ought to do it. So anyway, let me introduce myself: Hi, I’m Valerie, and I still watch an occasional CSI DVD from Season 1. Oh, wait, that was my intro for the Former Billy Petersen Groupies. I’m not exactly in his camp that much anymore. I’m a *recovering* Billy groupie. Still love him in Kiss The Sky though, lol. And Fear. Then there was The Contender. Oh my. Perhaps I need to go back to a FBPG meeting.
Really, though, Mark Harmon has been more my speed for a long while. Yessirree bob, the Silver Fox has it all over Billy, especially with those blue eyes of his. That's me and Mark up there, lol. But…I digress. I’m a 40-something wife and mom in New England, where we have four seasons and recently had the displeasure of experiencing both a tornado and a hurricane. The former being rarer in these parts. My children are 23, 20, 11, and 7. Um, I know….the age gap. Don’t ask. I have no clue what was going through *my* head, especially with that last one. I mean, 7??? Come on, do the math; I’ll be, like, carrying an AARP card by the time he walks through the college halls of his choice. Gaa!
So….I do not work. Bwahahahahaha!!! I’m a SAHM; I am on call 24/7 and barely stop from the minute my eyelids do their first pull-up of the day until they finally tuck my eyeballs in around 3 or 4 the next morning. I’m not even kidding about that; and my boys wake up at the crack of whatever time it is I’ve finally entered the blissful state of REM sleep. Which is why even my eye sockets hurt right now, lol. Instead of me working, hahaha, we live rather frugally and I homeschool the kids. This is year 18 for us, and as long as I feel God calling us to it, I will plug on. It’s not for everyone, and I am a firm believer in educational choice, and that is all I’m saying about it right now.

Other than all that, not much more to say on this first page. I have a variety of interests, and some may find me strange, but I say don’t look then. I am who I am, and I gave up apologizing for it years ago. I love sewing and quilting, designing memory quilt wall hangings, piano, singing, writing, reading my favorite authors, taking goofy photos, NCIS, a variety of music, a bazillion things my tired brain cannot think of right now, and making people smile and maybe even laugh….